Lesley (sleeepy3641) wrote,

so lately i have really been getting into this band called john brown's body..i lov em!! and i've also been listening to a lot of michelle branch/santana. anywaysss, pretty good weekend. friday hung out w/ kelsey, danny, kelly & caitlin. we went totommys and then hung out and watched movies/straightened dannys hair haha. saturday night i went to this jew event with laura where i saw my freinds jessica & andi and so we all hung out and that was fun..and then me & laura left early and went to the pirates of the caribbean thing at shaker square..it was pretyy cool, and we got to go up tn the stage and sword fight! hah anywayss then yesterday i hung out w/ kelsey andwe dyed my hair!! just highlights and they're relaly subtle but i liek them a lot:) :) annd now im about to go take a nap,,
4 day week for me cuz im not going to be at school friday!! YAY!! :-D
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